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Niklas Reinedahl

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Niklas Reinedahl

As General Manager North America, Niklas carries the responsibility for Einride’s business and operational growth in one of the world's largest transport markets. Reinedahl joined Einride during the spring of 2018 as Chief Operating Officer and has been an integral part of building and scaling the commercial and operational footprint and ecosystem for Einride.

Prior to joining Einride, he spent eight years in various management positions within Volvo Group and has a long history of success in strategy consulting, most notably with Accenture.

At Einride Mesh, Niklas will be part of a panel together with Luke Tonachel and Allie Kelly, focusing on the role of green policy in accelerating electrification. The panel will discuss how companies and the public sector can work together to surpass challenges to the deployment of electric-powered fleets.

What do you see as one of the most important trends for 2023?

Halfway into this year, we are starting to see an accelerated adoption rate of new technology within the value chain of heavy duty road freight. Shippers and operators understand the value of a higher degree of digitization and the operational and societal benefits of battery electric propulsion systems. Now it’s time to double down and secure the value of these technologies at scale. 

What does "Make intelligent moves" mean to you?

Heavy duty freight still suffers from a highly fragmented value chain and low levels of overall utilization. Shippers pay for this and the society at large suffers from having more heavy duty trucks on our roads than the actual volume of goods moved calls for.

For me, making intelligent moves, means that we make the most out of all the different assets and hard working people engaged in road freight today. I.e. We secure high utilization and longevity of charging infrastructure and electric trucks, we optimize towards just in time delivery precision and we provide a healthy and intuitive workplace for drivers, planners and dispatchers. 

How do you see the US’ readiness for electrification?

I view it as Einride’s responsibility to make sure that we can make electric freight easy to adopt for shippers and operators in the US, as well as globally, through digital technology and a turnkey exhaustive and cost efficient service offering. Since this is already in place, I look forward to seeing an accelerated rate of electrification.

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