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Allie Kelly

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Allie Kelly

Allie Kelly is Executive Director at The Ray, which has developed an 18-mile stretch of interstate in Georgia, where they’re using renewable materials; building clean energy for clean transport; testing road connectivity, improved lighting and signage; and collecting traffic, weather, and collision data to make the roads of the future. Working with Georgia DOT and FHWA, Allie has guided more than a dozen projects from concept to construction on The Ray Highway.

The nonprofit organization is now working with more than 24 agencies in 15 states, scaling innovations from the I-85 testbed across the country. Following in the legacy of Ray Anderson, The Ray believes that the technologies exist to make transportation Zero Deaths, Zero Carbon and Zero Waste. Previously, Allie held senior roles at the Georgia Conservancy, and as a Founder and Executive Director at Georgia Watch. Allie serves on the boards of the Fulton Technology and Energy Enhancement Authority as chairman, as past chair of the ASPIRE Center Executive Advisory Board, and as a board member for HUB404.

At Einride Mesh, Allie will be part of a panel, with Luke Tonachel and Niklas Reinedahl, discussing how companies and the public sector can work together to surpass challenges to the deployment of electric-powered fleets and ensure the development of infrastructure to support it, which has the potential to develop communities while drastically improving local air quality.

What do you see as one of the most important trends for 2023?

The decarbonization of transportation. The transportation sector contributes the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. However, transportation emissions are the most challenging to reduce or eliminate because the emissions are disparate, non-point source, and literally driven by individual choice and behavior.

What does "Make intelligent moves" mean to you?

I believe that “Make intelligent moves” in transportation are infrastructure investments that are interoperable, that will “stack” to enable and support future innovation over time.

What is the impact that electrification can have on society?

Electrification will improve quality of life for communities adjacent to highways and interstates, inland ports and sea ports. Paired with robust workforce development programs that address housing, transportation and training/retraining, and that reach deep into disadvantaged communities, electrification can also unlock economic opportunities and wealth-building.

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