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Our CEO Robert presenting at Mesh 2023.
Our CEO Robert presenting at Mesh 2023.

Agenda 2023

Einride Mesh unites the foremost leaders, thinkers and electrification advocates to discuss the solutions to today’s challenges.

June 8, 2023

9:00 AM

The Einride Experience

Learn all about the evolution of freight in our interactive walk-through experience, and join other guests for a light breakfast.

10:00 AM


Welcome speech and keynote with Einride’s founders Robert Falck and Linnéa Kornehed Falck.

10:30 AM

The potential of autonomous freight in day-to-day operations (main stage)

Fireside with Harry Chase (GEA)

GEA’s Harry Chase shares learnings from the first US autonomous freight pilot on public road and highlights the potential autonomous vehicles have for less complex situations, which could speed implementation and drive cost efficiency.

10:55 am

With new technology, electric freight can handle heavy haul (main stage) 

Fireside with Michael Hynekamp (Wallenius Wilhelmsen)

Michael Hynekamp, Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s COO, shares the company’s experience with battery-powered electric trucks for heavy-haul freight. The talk will detail what challenges were faced and the potential the company sees for this application of sustainable shipping.

10:30 AM

Push and Pull: Green policy and the role of public-private collaboration (stage 2)

Panel with Niklas Reinedahl, Luke Tonachel (Natural Resources Defense Council) and Allie Kelly (The Ray)

The panel will discuss the role of green policy in accelerating electrification and how companies and the public sector can work together to surpass challenges to the deployment of electric-powered fleets and ensure the development of the infrastructure to support it.

11:30 AM

Cut through the noise: You can’t go electric without going digital (main stage)

Presentation with Ellen Kugelberg and Sabina Söderstjerna

Einride’s Chief Product Officer, Ellen Kugelberg, and product manager Sabina Södertjerna take a deep-dive into how digitalization based on Einride Saga's intelligence has allowed the company to overcome barriers to electrification and cater solutions to customers’ specific needs.

11:30 AM

From shortage to opportunity: Truck drivers see a silver lining in new jobs (stage 2)

Panel with Steve Viscelli (University of Pennsylvania) and Tiffany Heathcott

Driver shortage has been a critical element in the supply chain crisis. This session will explore why drivers are leaving their jobs and show the potential of electrification and automation to retain talent and give these essential professionals better working conditions and new career opportunities.

12:15 PM

Lunch & networking

2:00 PM

Accelerating sustainability with AI and advanced technology (main stage)

Fireside with Jeff Sternberg (Google Cloud)

2:35 PM

Improving urban life for a resilient future (main stage)

Panel with Sven Wallisch (Rewe) and Trelynd Bradley (California Governor’s Office)

The panel will discuss how sustainable freight can improve urban life and help build cleaner, safer and healthier cities, while positively impacting communities particularly affected by pollution and climate change.

2:35 PM

Across the border: It’s time for autonomous vehicles to shine (stage 2)

Panel with Michelle Avary, Hanne Seter (SINTEF)

This panel will identify key global insights that can help the United States build out its own physical and legal infrastructure around autonomy.

3:25 PM


4:00 PM

See you at Mesh 2024!


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